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History of Frisbees

Flying discs (Frisbees) are disc-shaped objects, which are generally plastic and roughly 20 to 25 centimeters (810 inches) in diameter with a lip. The shape of the disc, allows it to fly by generating lift as it moves through the air while rotating. The name Frisbee is a registered of the WHAM-O toy company, but is often used to describe all flying discs.
Flying discs are generally thrown and caught for recreation. A wide range of flying discs are available commercially.
Disc-dog sports use relatively slow flying discs made of more pliable material to better resist a dog's bite and prevent injury.
There are illuminated discs meant for night time play, allowing them to glow in the dark.
There are also discs that whistle when they reach a certain velocity in flight.

The Frisbee Pie Company (18711958) of Bridgeport, Connecticut made pies that were sold to many New England colleges. Hungry College students soon discovered that the empty pie tins could be tossed and caught, providing endless hours of sport.

True to Hollywood in Back to the Future III shows Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) throwing a pie pan an knocking a derringer out of Bufard Tannen's hand

Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spuds" Melin started Wham-O in a garage in 1948. They began producing slingshots that sold for 75 cents. Knerr and Melin retired in 1982 becasue they sold out to Kransco Manufacturing for $12 million. Mattel purchased Wham-O in 1994. The Wham-O brand became independant again as the recnetly formed Wham-O Inc.

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Frisbee is a brand name and registered trademarks of WHAM-O Incorporated.

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